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For the last 30 years, Aim Office Solutions (aka Aim Mail Center) has provided high-end service to specifically the Southeast area of Huntington Beach and more generally to all of Huntington Beach and surrounding cities.  Our primary focus when we opened in 1991 was to provide selected packing and shipping solutions for small parcels.  With our vast steady flow of discerning clients, we recognized immediately the opportunity to offer additional associated services and products:  printing, photo copying, notary public, private mailbox addresses, office supplies to name a few.

Considering the numerous competitors, we had to find a way to stand out.  Excellent customer service and competitive pricing wasn’t enough.  We chose to be involved in the community.  Not just for networking opportunities, but more importantly we found groups and causes that could make a difference.  We have enjoyed working with young people and their needs prior to beginning a career.  There are tangible ways to help them and the results are long lasting.  My work with Scouting started in 1996 and continues today.  For the local public high schools my business, in conjunction with local businesses, gives 10 students scholarships to those that have a high grade point and a current job.  We started this in 1998 and have recognized about 500 students and are still going strong.

We’ve been quite active with the Chamber of Commerce in Huntington Beach since the late 90’s.  As a participating member I have found this to be a valuable source of business leads. Part of the Ambassador program has allowed us to become more intimately involved with local businesses throughout Huntington Beach beyond just our Southeast area.  Being on the Board of Directors has given us better understanding and connections with the city hierarchy as well.  It has also allowed us to be of service to other small businesses and to help them grow and better connect with their potential clients in the city. In 2013 we stared a mentor program utilizing the business leaders in the community.  We select 4 students from each of the 4 high schools in Huntington Beach and have them meet, in a panel discussion atmosphere, with 4 of these business leaders that represent small and large businesses and service organizations.  Answers to questions presented by the students concerning career selection, skills needed, and other experience-based stories provides background for the students searches beyond college.

All of this, plus other memberships in local and regional groups and continuing education, allows us to be better members of the community and to provide the best quality service to our expanding client base.  We welcome input from all to be able to stay on top of our services and to be able to manage continued growth.  Thank you sincerely for your support and being a part of this venture in our lives.

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